Even the most successful high-level executives understand that there is always more to learn. They know that there is always room to improve their skills, expand their knowledge, and enhance their effectiveness. The companies that rely on their c-suite executives and managers also get the critical importance of continued professional and personal growth for their leadership teams.

Effective negotiating is a cornerstone for success in almost every leadership role, no matter the industry or size of a business. Attorney, meditator, arbitrator, and negotiation consultant Marc Siegel provides engaging and enlightening presentations for companies looking to provide their leadership corps with the tools they need to master the art of negotiation.

Over the past 25 years, Marc Siegel has earned a reputation for his talent and success at resolving disputes, exceeding client goals, and reaching positive resolutions in even the most contentious negotiations. Marc now lends his extensive experience to his fellow attorneys, high-level executives, and others, providing them with the negotiation skills training and insights that can help them become powerful negotiators.

Tailored Negotiation Presentations Focused On Your Company’s Needs and Goals

Marc works with companies to craft and deliver presentations tailored to their specific needs and goals. Providing actionable information that attendees can use immediately, Marc’s negotiation presentations address the issues that often trip up even the savviest businesspeople. He arms them with the tools to overcome such problems and the techniques that can help them obtain optimal results.

In his presentations, which can vary on length depending on the company’s wishes, Marc discusses all aspects of negotiations, including such topics as:

  • Negotiation Preparation
  • Identifying Realistic and Aspirational Goals in Negotiation
  • Understanding The Other Side
  • Listening To What Isn’t Being Said
  • How to Deal With a Bully
  • Getting Past Impasse
  • Testing a “Final” Offer
  • Common Negotiation Mistakes

Position Your Leadership Team For Negotiation Success. Contact Marc Today To Learn More

You count on your leadership team to emerge from negotiations having achieved or exceeded your company’s objectives. Companies can count on master negotiator Marc Siegel to empower your team with the knowledge and insights that can help them do so. If you would like to learn more about how Marc’s negotiation presentations can help your organization, contact him today.


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