In this introductory episode to Marc Siegel’s Consult the Negotiator Podcast, Marc is interviewed by lawyer coach Charlotte Smith, who herself hosts the Limitless Lawyer podcast. They discuss how negotiation is the number one skill needed by lawyers to successfully represent the interests of their clients. Marc has twenty-five years of labor and employment experience and has seen the legal profession from every angle; this experience has shown him the importance of having well-developed negotiation skills and argues it is an often-overlooked area of the profession (in both practice and education). With this podcast, Marc aims to remedy this and provide essential strategies, tips and information for those wishing to become better negotiators, which is in turn essential to becoming a better lawyer.

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Episode Highlights

[2:40]: Why is being a great negotiator so important for a lawyer? Marc argues that the negotiation process is like a puzzle that needs to be solved in order to get the best results possible.

[7:00]: Getting ‘your day in court’: why what you see on TV is not a fair reflection of the process.

[12:05]: How do we make sure that clients feel there has been a win in relation to the damage that has been done?

[16:30]: What does a ‘master’ negotiator do? Marc argues negotiation should be studied like an artform.

[23:40]: Differences between employment law and other areas of law.

[26:40]: Mistakes lawyers make by being too aggressive.

[32:10]: ‘Lions on paper, lambs in person’: the importance of in-person contact rather than emails.

[37:40]: Final remarks and plans for the podcast going forward.

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