If you want to better serve your clients – and your career – the ability to negotiate effectively is non-negotiable.

Chicago attorney Marc Siegel is a sought-after authority on negotiation known for reaching favorable resolutions in even the most contentious discussions. Marc has been honored as one of the Top 100 Super Lawyers (out of 90,000 lawyers) in Illinois for 7 years, and he has received many other accolades and recognitions in the field.Marc launched the Consult The Negotiator Podcast because he believes that the ability to negotiate effectively, thoughtfully, and strategically is the single most important and distinguishing characteristic of great attorneys and other professionals.

Recognizing that this critical skill set inexplicably gets short shrift in both professional education and practice, Marc seeks to use the podcast to provide essential strategies, practical tips, and actionable information for those wishing to become stronger negotiators and obtain superior outcomes throughout their careers.

Tune in to the Consult the Negotiator Podcast to improve your effectiveness, achieve your objectives, and better serve your clients through the art of negotiation.

About Marc Siegel

Marc is Founder and Managing Partner of Siegel & Dolan, one of Chicago’s premier labor and employment law firms. As an advocate as well as a certified mediator and AAA arbitrator, Marc has been a party to countless negotiations and settlement conferences, finding solutions that both achieve client goals and bring closure to costly and disruptive conflicts.

Marc now lends his extensive experience to his fellow attorneys, high-level executives, and others, providing them with the negotiation skills training that can help them become powerful and effective negotiators.A highly sought-after speaker at national conferences, legal associations, and universities, Marc teaches lawyers and emerging industry leaders how to get better results, build stronger relationships, and broker deals through impasses that seem impossible to overcome.

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