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Professional Services Offered


Marc offers an array of topics that he can provide in various contexts, whether coaching in an individual or small team basis or presenting in a larger seminar setting. He will customize around the individual or firm’s needs, whether in a 1-hour meeting, half-day presentation or multiple day seminar. In many cases, CLE credit can be obtained.

Marc can address all aspects of negotiation. Here are some of the relevant topics:

How to Deal with a Bully: As lawyers, we have all dealt with a jerk for opposing counsel. Marc has developed tactics that address this reality and minimize the bully’s effect on a satisfactory outcome.
Getting Past Impasse: When the negotiation train appears to have derailed, switching to a different track can help both sides moving towards resolution.
The Flip-Side of Negotiation: Just as important to any negotiation with the other side is interacting with our own client to ensure potential problems are mitigated and expectations are managed from the outset.
Testing a Final Offer: Even when the other side says it’s their final offer, there are still paths that lead to a better and more satisfactory outcome for your client.
Mistakes in Negotiation: Avoid the common pitfalls that can hamper a potential resolution.
Advocating in Mediation: When sides agree to bring in a third-party mediator, there are important considerations that can dramatically impact the result.
Managing Client Expectations: Don’t let unreasonable positions taken by your client adversely affect how you handle a case or compromise your professional ethics.


As Chicago’s Premier legal negotiator, Marc Siegel bridges the gap between management and plaintiff side as an employment law inside. He also regularly teaches lawyers and law students the art of negotiation.

150 North Wacker Drive
Suite 1100
Chicago, IL 60606


Interested in hosting Marc as a Guest Lecturer? Marc is available for university engagements, industry or association lectures, as well as professional development for attorneys and firms.

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