Law firms and corporations rely on the abilities of individual attorneys and executives to effectively navigate sensitive negotiations and emerge with favorable outcomes. They count on these individuals to defuse potentially explosive conflicts and find resolutions that can spare them and their clients from the downsides and disruption of litigation. Too often, however, firms and companies send otherwise savvy and intelligent people into the arena without arming them with the skills and insights they need to be effective.

Marc Siegel works one-on-one with individual attorneys and executives as well as in small group settings to develop their negotiation skill sets. A combination of personal assessments, interactive exercises, and immersive training help participants understand the nuances and dynamics of productive negotiations.

The corporate and law firm coaching Marc provides is tailored to his clients’ specific needs and objectives. From one-hour sessions to half or full-day programs, Marc motivates and empowers attorneys and other experienced professionals to take their abilities to the next level.

Insights participants gain in Marc’s holistic negotiating coaching programs include:

  • How to better prepare for and approach negotiations before they commence
  • How to analyze other parties and discern their needs, pressure points, and true objectives
  • How to assess the strengths and weakness of the parties’ respective positions
  • Understanding their own personal negotiation styles as well as the strengths they possess and vulnerabilities they need to overcome to be effective.
  • Developing an understanding of different negotiation approaches and how they apply in different settings
  • Learning influencing skills and addressing the interests and concerns of all parties
  • Managing expectations
  • Common negotiation mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Using coalitions and power dynamics to their advantage
  • Communication and active listening skills

Marc approaches each coaching session with the same objective: that the person he works with emerges with a newfound appreciation of the complex dynamics involved in successful negotiations and the confidence and skills to use those dynamics to their advantage.

Contact Marc Siegel Today To Learn More About Individual and Small Group Negotiation Coaching

As a certified mediator, AAA arbitrator, and accomplished employment attorney who has participated in countless high-stakes negotiations over the past 25 years, Marc is an ideal choice for those who want to maximize their effectiveness at negotiating.

To learn more about individual or small group negotiation coaching contact him today.


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